We’re all hypocrites in one way or another. Some are by their deeds, some by their words, and some by their actions. We all try to justify and manipulate situations according to our will which is acceptable to a certain extent but things go out of hand when it starts a debate on a different virtual platform I.e. “SOCIAL MEDIA”.

So, we’ve all heard of Media trials but what is this social media trial thing and why is this promoting a toxic environment?
So allow me to clear your doubts, social media trial is the judgment passed by a mere audience hiding behind their computer screens without knowing the actual scenario and taking a conclusion out of nowhere. This trend is very common these days and also is a common reason why suicides are taking place more often. People rather being made fun of on social media often choose to end their lives and quit this blame name game.

And why has this become a common practice?
The gen-z these days solely and purposely depend on social media on each and everything. From news and entertainment to show off how rich or insane or different someone is, we all somehow depend on these mere virtual platforms. If we find something interesting or like the content, we comment and appreciate the efforts being taken to put it forward. And at the same time when we dislike something, we’re open to criticizing someone or something for the same but what we forget is the boundaries or limits or extent to which the criticism turns toxic. In some exemplary cases, we often think that just because it’s on social media, we have a right to comment on anything and everything and that’s how insensitivity achieves a new definition.

I can give you two burning examples where social media trial was enough to prove someone guilty. The first example is actress Rhea Chakraborty. Although after the sudden demise of her then-boyfriend actor Sushant Singh Rajput, she was poured with all condolences and love as tables turned slowly, the same people who were applauding her with all praises for being a strong girl demanded jail and the death penalty for her. Why? Because some sections of people on social media wanted so. And how did they know that Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered by her? No one knows🙄Probably because blaming is much easier than waiting till the court order.
And yes talking about the court order as far as I remember there was even a CBI inquiry whose result is yet to be declared but we didn’t have patience till that what was the consequence? The 28-year-old was bashed and her career was smashed all over social media because obviously SOCIAL MEDIA TRIAL !!!!

The 2nd example of social media trial is that of the poor delivery man Kamraj who was insulted all over social media at the hands of a pseudo-feminist fake followers influencer Hitesha Chandran. The poor man wasn’t supported until his video begging for justice went viral on social media. We were quick to form an “opinion” question his audacity and ask Zomato to suspend him from his job.

With ending this, I’d like to say that Social media is a powerful tool used by both negative and positive people all over the world. Not everyone is bad on social media, neither everything we see on Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, or Instagram is true. People change with time and according to the situations but what we can do is keep calm and not judge someone until we’ve walked down in their shoes. If in a good hand, social media can change someone’s world❤and if in the hands of someone destructive, social media can do the same💔Now it’s up to you to decide which side are you on. Wait till the court trial or pass on some judgment on social media and scroll down🙂

A girl who fears social media trial🙇‍♀️

Akshita Ayusmita
BAJMC 3rd year
Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar

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