Snow in Antarctica Turns Green

Antarctica Global warming has had a lot of effects on our planet. While most changes have been silent, some have come up suddenly. Like the snow turning green in Antarctica. Changes like these, indicate larger problems and open Antarctica our eyes to the crisis that is global warming.

The snow in Antarctica appears to be turning green due to the growth of microscopic algae. Antarctica, which hasn’t had any vegetation for Antarctica centuries because of the thick ice and the extremely cold temperature, has now become a place for algae to bloom in. This type of algae has known to be bloom only in warmer areas that have an average temperature of slightly more than 0 Degrees during summer months in the Southern hemisphere. When this algae blooms in a mass, snow appears to be green from space. Scientists say that larger blooms of this algae will be seen as the climate changes and the temperature Antarctica increases and it will probably even spread to higher ground.

Snow in Antarctica turns green-NewsORB360 Antarctica

This comes in the form of a revelation. That even though the lockdown worked like magic in terms of saving the environment in some countries, we’re still not doing enough to save our mother Earth. The Earth that has nurtured life for centuries is now dying because we couldn’t take care of it. We are responsible for the planet now. It is our duty to make sure the planet remains habitable for us and the future generations as well. We have the power to make or break an Antarctica entire planet. This is our chance to prove that we deserve the planet we have. It’s our time to bring about change. With or without the help of people in power (but it’d sure be easier if they helped).

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