Sneak-peek into Coronavirus Symptoms and Transmission

Coronavirus Symptoms has trapped the whole world within its clutches today. A total of 60 countries have been affected by this deadly virus that is spreading rapidly everywhere. Since this virus is newly born, doctors are finding it extremely daunting to map out exactly what might be causing this virus to spread like wildfire.


However, there are a few guidelines that the doctors have Coronavirus provided regarding this virus and you must know all of them in order to prevent yourself and the others around you.

Stay away!

Currently, theories suggest that Coronavirus is caused due to the transition of infection which happens from person to person. These come in the form of tiny viral droplets that may be transmitted to people via cough, sneeze and so on.

If you are any close to 6 feet with the infected, you might be the next victim. It still isn’t very clear about how close is too close to be affected by a coronavirus from a person. However, experts are still researching upon it and will surely bring results that define the same. 

What are the symptoms?

There are many symptoms of Coronavirus that you must keep in mind. The first of them is to identify the sickness. If you are feeling sick and observe the negative impacts of cold and flu, you might be very close.

But just because you might be suffering from cold and flu does not necessarily mean you have Coronavirus. This problem is called Covid-19 so make sure to get it tested properly before you reach a conclusion. 

Coronavirus cases that have been recorded as yet have topped 95000 and if you don’t take the right precautions, you might just be the next one. Make sure you wear a mask at all times and avoid public places with less hygiene. 

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