Sisters attired as a clown to knock out stress in Migrant workers in Delhi.

attired The nationwide lockdown, which has been in place since March to command on coronavirus includes a halt in all sorts of business operations and transportation. Suddenly there was no work and wages for the daily wage workers which led to get back to their home. Many Migrant workers had to stay in government-provided shelters.

However with the aim to knock attired out stress in Migrant workers, attired two sisters came in front. Agrawal who is a 34-year-old sociologist by training and her sister Khushboo who is an activist, dressed as Clowns with a biggish red nose, multicolored jazzy wigs and loose fitted trousers with the idea to dance on classic Bollywood songs with their hula attired hoops in a makeshift shelter at a attired New Delhi sports complex housing around 650 people to release their anxiety and distress during this pandemic.

Sisters attired as a clown to knock out stress-NewsORB360

They attired further stated, “ If staying at attired home we can be so sad and stressed, then their level of stress must be high. I don’t think I’m very scared catching the infection, I’m more scared of: What if I’m not able to make them laugh? ”.

It is heart-warming to see such kindness.

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