QUALITATIVE LIFE, It doesn’t matter how much you live, the thing that matters the most is, how well you lived. Many people just sustain here on earth like, they are here with no ambition or goal. But we are not animals, we are human beings and the way we live our life makes us different from other beings on earth. So, the one who really lives their life always wants to be happy, successful, healthy and surrounded by love and joy.


QUALITATIVE LIFE, what should we do to make our life more lively and worth? Here are some simple steps to improve the overall quality of life- #Inculcate good habits We can adopt some of the good habits in our day to day life, such as meditation, yoga, or exercise so that we can feel healthy both by our mind and body. # eliminate bad habits After adopting some good habits, try to remove those bad ones that you already have in you. First point out those and then try to work on it. You may not get results in a single day but if you keep working on it, one day surely you will succeed over the evil one inside you. #Compete with yourself In the world full of competition try to compete with yourself. Always make yourself better from what you are in the last moment. Focus more on you, rather than focusing on what others are doing. #Do something bold everyday Make your every single day a special one. Step out of your comfort zone and try to enhance yourself. That will be the thing that always keeps you motivated.


#find what makes you happy Focus on those things that make you really happy. There may be something that gives you real satisfaction, that may be part of your day to day life. So, focus on that thing and try to enhance yourself in that thing. #stop broken thoughts Always try to fill your mind with the things that boost you up in your life and remove those that bring you down. Things that brokes you down from inside often take the form of justifications, that you give yourself when you have to do something by stepping out of your comfort zone. # Don’t stress about it Never stress if you fail to do those things mentioned above because it will take some time and you have to deal very patient with yourself. It may take a week, a month, or maybe even a whole year but the best thing will be when finally you feel some change in yourself.

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