2020 has caused us to be locked up in our homes. With the entire world closed down, the entertainment and the tourism industries have been affected the worst. Popular streaming platform Netflix has cancelled a number of shows this year either due to stoppage of shooting and production as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown or due to drop in ratings. Here’s the list of the shows that are closed down during the pandemic.

  • Patriot Act- This was a popular talk show hosted by Hasan Minhaj which was a humorous take on the darkest current affairs. The show had a number of fans distributed over several sets of audiences and was called off after the 6th season after a number of alarms and outrages.
  • Altered Carbon- This action drama gained critical acclaim for the first season. This show was based in the distant future and covered a lot of timelines with poise. The show was cancelled due to poor cost to viewership ratio.
  • The Society- This is a modern teen drama about high school students who live in a town where all the adults have suddenly disappeared. The show was renewed for a second season but cancelled due to budget issues.
  • I Am Not Okay With This This was a teen comedy that received critical acclaim. It narrated the story of a young girl navigating through high school, relationships and superpowers! Season 2 of this show was at the pre-production stage when it was cancelled by Netflix due to uncertain production dates and balancing the availabilities of the cast.
  • Turn Up Charlie- This show starring Idris Elba as a charismatic DJ out on his luck was confirmed for its second season. But as Netflix crunched the number of shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this show was on the list of being cancelled.
  • V Wars- This contagious vampire drama was starred by Ian Somerhalder as a doctor who’s trying to get back his son and faces teething problems in the process. This show got cancelled after its first season under the cancellation streak of Netflix.
  • October Faction- This show was about a monster-hunting couple who additionally dealt with the teenage issues of their children. This story somehow lost the plot by the third episode and was axed by Netflix from bringing out season 2 this year.
  • Insatiable- This was a dark teen comedy about a woman who goes out to avenge her fat-shaming in high school on all the people who had bullied her. She goes to great lengths to get them back. This show was cancelled after its season 2 this year due to pretty low ratings.
  • Soundtrack- This musical drama series about the story of two struggling artists of Los Angeles was premiered in November 2019. The show was cancelled in early 2020.
  • Spinning Out- This drama series about the ups and downs of the ice-skating world and an Olympic dream came out in January and by February 2020, it was cancelled.

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