Sexiest comments made by Indian politicians on women

It’s no secret that the Indian society is notorious for sexism, misogyny and patriarchy. Indian politicians particularly are not Saints in this matter.

It’s not all about comments; these are our senior leaders as well as well named politicians whose work is to do betterment for society but are counted under the ones who disrespect women, based on their power.

1.BJP  vice president, Uttar Pradesh Daya Shankar Singh (politicians), compared Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati with a” prostitute ” even a prostitute fulfils her commitment to a man after she is paid but Mayawati that’s the updated leader in u.p. cell party tickets to anyone who pays for the highest amount she gives her 1 crore for a ticket she will give it to another person who is offering to another by using the word ‘Vaishya’ in Hindi.

2.In 2014, the run-up to the elections state Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav (politicians) oppose capital punishment for rape stating that-  ladki- ladke Hain Galti Ho Jaati Hai,(boys will be boys mistakes can be made ) speaking at valley and Moradabad isn’t saying that, “ladkiyan pahle Dosti Karti Hai ladki ladki Mein mat bade ho jati hai”.

3.In 2014, while addressing a rally in Varanasi Jayapura, Sheikh Hasina said, if you kill a girl child in Mother’s womb then what will happen to the world only 800 girls are born against 1000 boys in “200 will remain unmarried” the more days in tension was nobody discouraging female foeticide which his words have defeated the purpose of giving the impression that only reason to give birth was to “Enable marriage”.

4.” Rupees 50 crore girlfriend ” in a separate and a much Modi faces away criticism in 2012 making a success comment against Sunanda Pushkar and in an attempt to Shashi Tharoor kya girlfriend hai Apne Kabhi “Dekha Hai 50 karod ki girlfriend wow”

 what a girlfriend Modi said in an election rally while he was referring to IPL Cricket controversial in 2010 at Pushkar which led to the rules resignation as minister of state for external affairs.

5. In 2013 the Congress leader shows to give Rahul Gandhi, Meenakshi an incredible sexiest compliment talking to party workers in “do Kodi ki maal” used in North India to women and  try to clarify that he was only giving compliment and man that nothing stated that he meant ” like a pure gold” in

6. 2012, the Congress leader had also tweeted that Kejriwal was like a Rakhi Sawant they both try to expose but with no substance.

7. In 2012 leadership Prakash Jaiswal the coal minister at the point comfort cricket with at least twice as time passed, Jaiswal tried to apologize but his comment was taken out of context.

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