In these precarious times, paying off debt is thought to be one of the major concerns for many. While in absence of proper strategies, debts may only mount, proper strategies may help you ease the burden in no time. The icing is that you may even rebuild your credit within a short span of time.

First step first
It is understood that calculating your total debt may be daunting. Yet we do want you to take a clear look at the exact number so that you create a realistic blueprint for the total debt repayment process. Paying off may seem never easy, but with clear knowledge, you can put forward the following strategies. While calculating your total debt also make a clear identification of what are the different kinds of loans you have accumulated over the years.

Start with a budget
People who are swimming in a pool of loans have one thing in common. Clearly they do
not have a budget. Yes, your own age-old budget of income and expenditure is your best friend in identifying your areas of cost cut and channelizing those funds towards repayment of loans.

Target the most expensive loan
Learn to cut ties with the most expensive loan at first. This will ease out your interest burden and you can manage the fund thus saved to pay off other loans. Usually, your biggest loan is the most expensive one, hence the earliest it can be struck off, and you can manage the other loans better.

Do not stick to minimum balance
If you have fallen to the minimum balance trap in the past, make sure you make more payment henceforth.

Balance transfers should bail you out
This helps you save big on interest rates. The high- interest card loans can be paid off this way.

Harness your credit card spending
As you make that one vital choice of putting a harness on credit card spending, you will save yourself from accumulating any more debt. Eventually, this plays a very vital role in finishing off all the loans and you get to breathe freely.

Use bonus towards loan repayment
No matter how tempted you may be to spend your bonus towards any of the bucket lists, prioritize debt repayment when you get an office bonus. It will help you fix your financial health to a great extent.

When all these steps are followed diligently, debts can be tamed easily. And then you can definitely spend a pat on your back.

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