Serial Killer Stories That’ll Haunt You at 3 am

Serial Killer Stories, We’ve all seen horror movies and lost sleep over them if we even hear the faintest of sounds. But the stories that truly scare us are anecdotes of and about serial killers. Here’s a list of serial killers, that will fascinate you and creep you out at the same time.

The Zodiac Killer- The Zodiac Killer first struck on 20th December 1968. He committed the murders of Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday with a gun. Faraday was shot while getting out of their car and Jensen was shot 5 times. On July 4th the next year, the Zodiac shot Darlene Ferrin and Micheal Mageau several times. Mageau survived the attack and described the killer’s age, height, weight, hair colour and skin colour. On August 1st The Zodiac wrote to newspapers confessing to the shootings and asked them to publish it in their pages. He claimed to be killing people so as to collect slaves when he went to paradise and threatened that inability to do publish would result in him going on a murder spree over the weekend. The newspapers published the letters and nobody was killed. What followed were attacks at Lake Berryessa, Presidio Heights, Modesto, Riverside, and Santa Barbara. There was also a disappearance at Lake Tahoe that was linked to him. He threatened attacks on cops and school buses, mailing diagrams of bombs that he could use to newspapers and the police. Many were suspected to be The Zodiac Killer, the most prominent being Arthur Leigh Allen. He was acquitted due to lack of evidence but later arrested for child molestation.


The Axeman Killer- The Axeman Killer of New Orleans claimed to be a devil who had escaped from hell. He struck multiple times in the years 1918 and 1919. He would find objects from the victims’ houses (usually an axe) and would leave the weapon there after the murders. He would attack people while they slept. His first victims included Joseph and Catherine Maggio; he killed them in their sleep, almost beheaded Catherine, changed into new clothes and left. His second set of was Louis Besumer and his mistress, they were found in a pool of blood by a baker on his morning route. Besumer’s mistress, however survived the attack. His next victim, Anna Schneider turned out to be stronger than he had guessed. On August 5th 1918, he bashed her face in, cut her scalp open and left her to die. Her husband found her and took her to the hospital, and just two days later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The axeman wrote a letter threatening the people of New Orleans that he would kill anybody who wasn’t playing jazz music in their homes at 12:15 ‘earthly time’ on the Tuesday after March 13th, 1919. That night, the whole city came to life, and there were no victims. Another one of his victims that stood out, was Esther Pepitone; she saw him fleeing after he had killed her husband. She moved and remarried, but 2 years later, on her first husband’s death anniversary, her second husband disappeared. The Axeman then supposedly visited her and threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him all her jewellery and money, and in retaliation she shot and killed him. Many suspect a man named Joseph Momfre, the man that Esther Pepitone shot. Many believed that these murders were the doing of a supernatural being.


Ted Bundy- This list would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about Ted Bundy Serial killer. Ted Bundy seemed like just another normal, charming man. What he didn’t let out was the fact that during the 1970s he had raped, kidnapped and murdered numerous women. In 1989, he confessed to 30 homicides right before his execution. He has been described as a “sadistic sociopath who took pleasure from others’ pain and the control he had over his victims”, and “the very definition of heartless evil”. In 1974, many women in Seattle and Oregon disappeared and were last seen with “a young dark-haired man named Ted”. He often lured victims by pretending to be injured. He would lure women, bludgeon them, overpower them and handcuff them. He would then take them to a slightly far away location, rape and strangle them. He would burn their clothes and get rid of almost all physical evidence. He was later arrested when one of the women he kidnapped escaped and went to the police. He went to jail for 15 years but escaped twice. After his second escape, he broke into a sorority house and killed 2 girls. He also kidnapped and murdered a 12-year-old. His life and crimes have inspired many series and movies.


I could go on about serial killers, because the list is never-ending but these were some of the more popular, creepier stories that I came across. For more like this, you could just head on to YouTube and watch the Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime series.

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