HYGIENE SCOTLAND, Research by a girl’s right charity, Plan International HYGIENE United Kingdom has found that about 15% of girls find affording sanitary products very difficult. Studies have also confirmed that half of the girls aged between 14-21 are embarrassed about their menstrual cycles. SCOTLAND is going to become the first country to end “period poverty”. It has recently issued a bill on 21st April 2020 in the Parliament making feminine hygiene products including pads and tampons, available free of cost.


The bill was introduced by Monica Lennon and is named “Period Products (Free Provision) Bill”. It has already successfully passed the first stage of voting with 112 votes in favor, much to Monica’s delight. This bill proposes that the Scotland government will be responsible for period products and supplying it to those in need without incurring money from them. HYGIENE The bill was supported by a huge number of people including, “individuals who have had their own lived experience of period poverty and know what it is like not to have access to products when they need them.”

The bill also sets a world record as Scotland will become the first country to make female sanitary products free. It should be noted that tampons are taxed at 5% in Britain and period products amount to $10 a month, approximately. This sum is very high and that’s why the European Union called class sanitary products a “luxury” which is very difficult to obtain for low earning populations. The bloc plans on removing all the taxes on menstrual products by 2022.

Monica stated, “menstrual products are not luxury items, they are indeed essential and not one individual in Scotland should go without period products”. Free menstrual products are available to students in high schools, colleges, and universities in Scotland since 2018. With the government investing £5.2 billion in the bill, local small scale businesses like restaurant and bookshop owners have also shown their support by providing free sanitary products.


Not only Scotland, but there are also various other countries like the United States, India, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Malaysia, Jamaica, Australia and Columbia who are working earnestly to make menstrual products accessible to each and every girl at a reasonable price and diminish HYGIENE period poverty in the days to come.

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