FEEDS When humans are suffering from COVID-19 pandemic, stray animals are facing a new pandemic. People started abandoning their pets believing the rumors that animals can transfer the disease whereas, in reality, it is easier for the pets to get infected by the virus from us. India currently has 35 billion strays. Due to lock down the streets were empty, and so there was less garbage and less FEEDS leftover food on the streets. The strays were indulged in severe fights between themselves out of hunger. That’s when scientist Manjari Chaitanya Colaco decided to come out and feed these angels.

Colaco lives in Bengaluru and is an animal lover. She is a scientist by profession. She had been taking care of 8 dogs at her home and fed 100 dogs even before the pandemic. But after the lockdown, she couldn’t resist herself from helping these strays dying of hunger.

Currently, she is feeding 4000 dogs across the streets of Bengaluru. Earlier she faced problems with cooking FEEDS such a huge quantity of food alone but then Nerall Bakhai, managing director of Stories-The Brew Chapter FEEDS, a trendy pub in BTM layout joined hands with Colaco and offered her to use his kitchen, which was shut due to the lockdown and take the help from his staffs.

Colaco is born and brought up in a vegetarian family FEEDS and it was difficult for her to cook chicken and livers. With the help of Nerall, she now cooks 350 kilos of chicken, liver and rice every day. The cooked food is then distributed to 48 feeders who go to different locations and feed the dogs. The cause is appreciated by the DCP of Bengaluru and Colaco has been backed with great support from him.

While she shies away from credit Colaco has single handedly raised the bar for humanitarian acts of kindness.

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