Sara Ali Khan’s Insta stories remind us of that overexcited friend on trips who does everything but ‘chill’

How many of you are stunned with Sara Ali Khan’s quickfire responses and wit in her various interviews? (Well, so am I) Her debut on Koffee With Karan made her a sensation amongst the youth!

Raised amidst royalty (literally!), none of us expected the Kedarnath star to be so down to earth. Despite starring in two blockbuster hits at such a young age she has managed to keep her feet to the ground.

Based on her interviews, it is fair to assume that she is one of the most relatable stars out there. Her social media profiles look like that of a normal person of her age- except for the flashy events and the stars! This has made her a fan-favourite on social media.

The Simba star’s Instagram stories often go viral given their simplicity and reliability. In fact, her recent story from her trip with some friends has all of us thinking about that one over-excited friend in our groups who just cannot relax on a trip.


In the video, it can be seen that her friends are wanting to relax but being the person that she is, Sara wants to do anything but relax. After that, her friends tell her that she is ‘killing the chill.’ Honestly, all of us have the same reaction when that one friend just wouldn’t sit still (sorry if you’re that friend). Let’s be honest, our trips would not be half as much fun they are if that friend wasn’t there.

Sara has also claimed in one of her interviews that she wishes to be ‘real’ and ‘relatable.’ Well, she has definitely managed to achieve it, given her popularity for all the right reasons.

Let’s all try to keep it real like Sara and also learn to appreciate that overexcited friend in our group!

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