Samsung Galaxy S21 To Have Exactly Same Camera As Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S21 is very similar to its predecessor, Galaxy S20. If we believe the rumors, there are leaked images that show the identical design. And now certain manufacturing lines suggest that Samsung Galaxy S21 will be having an exact number of cameras.

A Twitter user, @camie_ngo posted a picture of how camera bump cut-outs from a factory would appear.

It’s worth noting that @came_ngo isn’t a known leaker, but on their Twitter profile, they have a succession of related leaks for Samsung devices.

If this leak is valid, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be having 3 rear cameras like the Galaxy S20. 

With Samsung Galaxy S10 and S20, we come to know that Samsung believes in changing two things. Samsung likes to change the sensors and the software.

Galaxy S21 To Have Exactly Same Cameras as Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S21 camera sensors will almost be better than the S20 counterparts. They will be better in terms of resolution, or terms of pixel size. This would be helping the camera to ‘see’ more light and seize better pictures.

Samsung also prefers to innovate with fresh camera software, the S20 sent us Single Take, a helpful new path of taking pictures for people who are not inevitably photography-minded.  And now, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will come with new images or video modes.

So, thus, the quantity of back cameras looks to be exact. We shouldn’t assume that as an omen of bad aspects to come. The almost-identical impression though, if the leaker is correct? That motivates less confidence.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is anticipated to take off in February 2020. It could even be January 2020, as one of the other leaks suggest. Either way, we will not be seeing it as of now. So there is more time and certainly, there will be more leaks and contradictory things against this information.

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