TEACHERS IN THE CURRENT CRISIS, The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected the education system all around the world drastically. Since the residents are quarantined, lockdowns are placed, schools, colleges, and universities shut down, students are bound to stay in their homes and not lose track of their studies at the same time. Efforts are put in by every contributor in the society including teachers, doctors, nurses, janitors, and many more.

Teachers and educators throughout the globe have been working tirelessly from their homes to ensure that students are not left untouched from their studies during these tough times. Their efforts are overwhelming. A rise in the users of popular social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram has been observed because more and more educators have been participating in informing people about the pandemic.


Lectures are recorded and sent by teachers for students reference. Links and online study materials shared. Online classes are conducted. Regular tests and assignments are procured for the student’s benefits. Despite being in a confining environment, teachers and professors have been working their earnest so that the students do not suffer any drawbacks in their academic performance.

Teaching is a multifaceted profession. Everyone needs consolation and support because this virus outbreak has taken a lot of human lives and degraded the working of economies in general. Apart from imparting knowledge about the course, teachers are also helping in guiding young minds about how to stay grounded and strong during this arduous time.

Even in the remotest of places where technology is not very developed and primitive teaching methods prevail, teachers have been going out of their ways to learn about online education just to fulfill their purpose of helping students. Their pursuits must be recognized and respected by everyone.

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