WHEN? HOW AND  WHAT’S NEW?? Reopening of schools in India when? How, and what’s new? Education for kids has become an eternal part of their life, Covid-19 pandemic has waved away all the education and left kids barehanded in India.

A few days ago in unlock 5.0 it was stated that “All the schools will be reopened from October 15”, But several state parents, as well as their chief ministers, other ministers and education ministers, are not in the favour of reopening of school.

Later, A survey was also done regarding the reopening of schools, It recorded that almost 70% -78% of Indian parents are not in favour of reopening of school and are also ready to skip “one year of the children until the vaccine doesn’t come”.

Further, New Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, stated that “Being a parent I can understand the situation” and later Manish Sisodia,  education minister announced that “All schools in Delhi to be closed till the end of October” adding that COVID-19 risk is still not stable and cases are incessantly increasing in Delhi and several other parts nearby.

Several states, schools have also started to run their services by implementing several technologies and following COVID-19 precautions and norms.

One of the major problems behind attending classes is Attendance,

Now Attendance has been made flexible and it’s not mandatory to come and attend classes offline.

Only parents’ consent will be accepted before entering into school and on the other hand, only doubt clearing sessions are started. Other continuous studies are running as usual as an online mode.


Carrying a bottle of sanitizer and wearing a face mask and shield is mandatory before entering the school premises.

Kids shoes will be dusted as well as sanitized via a spraying machine and social distancing stickers are pasted everywhere.

There is a health room and a COVID  check up the room and an isolation ward if, in case of an emergency, the kid will be taken over there and also a nurse/ caretaker will be available for treatment.

The school has a different entry-exit gate to reduce the risk of infection and temperature will be checked frequently and sanitizing will also be done after every class gets over.

“No contact teaching” has been implemented. Further, the decisions are in the hands of chief minister and state education minister as well as parents and later, if possible bags of students from class 1 -5 will be discouraged and all necessary material will be kept in the school.

Parents are also advised to pick and drop their kids by their personal transport, aged and contaminated zone staff and students will not be allowed.

According to the majority of parents, they are still not in a will to send their kids to school, only a few parents think that their kids are losing the main ” golden period ” of their educational life and added that their kids are becoming lethargic as well as losing interest towards studies and other co-curricular activities.

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