Reasons Why Radhika Apte is Super Cool

Radhika Apte is one of the most underrated actresses working in Bollywood today. She has done a lot of brilliant work in a variety of films and series and has managed to explore a new angle with every character she plays. There is no platform that she hasn’t conquered- from the big screen in the movie halls near you, to YouTube, to streaming sites like Netflix (That, she pretty much owns). Here is a list of some of her best works-

Lust Stories It would be kind of dumb of me to talk about the amazing actress that Apte is and not highlight her works in Netflix films and series. In the movie Lust stories, Radhika Apte portrays the role of a married college professor, who is sleeping with one of her students while in a long-distance, open marriage with her husband. Her portrayal of the character is a natural one making the character feel real.

Reasons why Radhika Apte is super cool-NewsORB360

Ahalya, Kriti, that day after every day- In these YouTube short films Radhika Apte has played a vast variety of roles from a therapist to a beautiful and seemingly innocent young woman to a simple housewife living in an unsafe area. She portrays all roles with equal detail.

Reasons why Radhika Apte is super cool-NewsORB360

Ghoul- In the Netflix series Ghoul, Radhika Apte plays the role of a lieutenant who is being doubted for treachery due to her religion. She is supposed to be on duty as an interrogator to the leader of a terrorist organization. Over the series she uncovers that this is much bigger than the state had thought, or anybody had, for that matter.

Aside from these pieces, Apte has also acted in many Bollywood movies like Padman, Andhadhun, Parched, and even Hollywood and Tollywood. She has also been a part of other series like Stories By Rabindranath Tagore and Sacred Games.

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