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Movies are a way for us to forget about life for a while and live vicariously through people going on trips to Spain, partying on cruise ships, falling in love with princes, pulling off amazing heists, and whatnot. Many movies focus on the relationships between parents and their children. Some movies show progressive parents from the get-go and others show character growth and the parents become extremely cool by the end. Here are some of the best Bollywood parents shown on screen lately-

1. Kamal Mehra- Dil Dhadakne Do
– The movie starts with him being kind of a jerk, not giving her enough credit, giving his son too much of it, cheating on his wife, and forcing his daughter to stay in a marriage that is not doing her any good. But by the end of it, we saw him pinning Manav (her daughter’s husband) to the wall when he starts getting aggressive with Ayesha (played by Priyanka Chopra). That scene, in my opinion at least, was extremely powerful and Kamal showed beautiful growth in the film.

2. Sachin Sandhu- ThappadSachin Sandhu, as played by Kumud Mishra is a very well written character. He was not the protagonist of the film, but what his role brought to the movie was amazing. He loved his daughter dearly and is shocked when he sees his son in law slap her. In the film, he also recognizes the sacrifices his wife has made for her and corrects his son when he gets aggressive with his significant other.

3. Jeetendra Kaushik- Badhaai Ho– When people find out that the Kaushiks are expecting a second child, they criticize them for being sexually active, given their age. Even their son, who is a working adult finds himself in an awkward position and Jeetendra’s mother is equally critical of this. However, through all of this, Jeetendra stands by his wife and makes it clear to everyone that even though he isn’t all for the idea of having another child, it’s his wife’s choice to do whatever she wants with her body; truly a pro-choice icon that everyone needs to learn from.

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