Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 in Saturday’s derby, holding their Top-Spot in La Liga

There is something about local rivals that always calls for an interesting match in derby, especially when it turns out to be a landslide win.

What went down?

Real Madrid announced a glorious victory at 1-0 against Atletico Madrid on Saturday, ensuring they retain their top spot in the La Liga rankings. The ball reached the net only once in the match at the 56th minute by Karim Benzema, the French forward who got Real Madrid their first home victory, since 2012.

Real Madrid

How it went down?

The match started with Atletico performing brilliantly and showing better chances. Real Madrid formations weren’t anywhere close to breaking Atletico. From both sides, many goals went wide in the first half, be it from Sergio Ramos or Saul Niguez.

The first half ended in penalties, tries, and missed passes. However, Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane understood the need of the hour and got in two substitutes, Lucas Vasquez and Vinicius Jr, after sending off Kroos and Isco.

Being called as the turn-around decision, the new substitutes were able to break and get the ball from Atletico. When Vinicius Jr drew three Atletico defenders in and released Mendy, Benzema didn’t hesitate to side-foot it home.

Nevertheless, Real Madrid had a few unsuccessful goal attempts as well to follow their single-shot game. Yet, for Zindane and team captain, Los Blancos, this victory has given them a 6-point lead over the next in line: Barcelona, ranking on the second position.

Real Madrid

What will go down?

Well, Atletico coach, Diego Simone, needs to buckle up, with 5 continuous game losses in his pocket. Atletico will try to turn things around against Granada while Real Madrid hopes to keep the winning streak well-lit against their match with Real Sociedad.

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