Dare to Watch Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made

Else Films have found a copy of the long-lost cursed horror movie, Antrum which vanished from the theatre after people started encountering terrifying incidents while watching the movie.

The movie starts with a documentary citing all the accidents related to the movie that occurred in the past and certain warnings. The storyline revolves around a girl and a boy who are devastated by their dog’s death who was euthanized and in order to rescue its soul, they dig a hole to hell. The most voted tags for this movie include disturbing, unsettling, haunting, creepy, etc. If the reports are to be true, due to a mishap in a small theatre in Budapest, 1988, there was a tragic loss of 56 lives while the screening of the horror movie Antrum was taking place. This event was one of the most shocking proving the movie to be cursed as mostly fire originates from the projector room but in this incident, it started from random areas. However, the most horrifying thing was that the movie reel remained unhampered even after such a tragedy.


One much such case was recorded in San Francisco were due to the elevated anxiety and fear among the audience, everyone wanted to escape but the theatre got locked from outside leading to riots and deaths of some people. It also followed the deaths of a few film festival programmers to whom this movie was sent under suspicious circumstances. The reviews of people regarding the movie are quite mix as some find it to be spine chilling whereas others didn’t see any risk in order to watch it. The following are certain tweets which refer the same-

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