Ratan Tata’s new campaign is a savior for all the brave sanitation workers out there!

A new advertisement of Ratan Tata’s new campaign was released recently and it has caused a storm right since then.  

The ad introduces itself with a boy on stage who says Mera baba desh chalata hai (my father runs the country)” Later the boy adds “Agar nahi jaayega mera baba kaam par, to ruk jaayega India ka har ghar (If my father doesn’t go to work, every household in India will come to a halt)”


Right after this moment, the ad shows a sanitation worker who is cleaning a sewer. The ad highlights how we fail to segregate the wet and dry waste while disposing them from the house and how the boy’s father has compelled to steep into the gutters to pull them out

Ratan Tata’s Mission Garima 

The emotional video is filmed for Ratan Tata’s new campaign, ‘Mission Garima’ that aims at reducing the manual intervention of the workers with sewage and waste. Ratan Tata even shared this ad on Instagram as he captioned it “Mission Garima, for our brave sanitation workers.” 

“Mission Garima is working to provide safe, hygienic and humane working conditions for sanitation workers who are severely affected doing the unimaginable for the city so that we may find it clean!”

– Tata stated in his writing. 

An initiative for society!

The ad garnered one lakh views within a minute of releasing and a line-up of heart-warming comments that show that the campaign is already a big hit. “A heart touching message.. we all need to be a little more aware towards our responsibilities” one viewer commented, “Such a wonderful initiative, a must!” wrote another.


Ratan Tata has never failed to impress us with his initiatives to make this world a better place to live in. He continues to inspire all of us with his valiant initiatives and unmatched behaviour.

Let’s hope this campaign reaches new heights of success and our sanitation workers can lead a better life!

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