QUARANTINE TRENDS, With almost the entire world under one of the biggest lockdowns in history, the current youth is bored at home and desperately needs means to beat lockdown blues. As usual social media is to the rescue. As no one can step out to have fun, thus people have taken to social media to make quarantine trends and reduce their boredom to some extent.

Dalton Coffee- An originally Korean preparation of coffee, Dalgona coffee is made by whipping equal amounts of instant coffee, hot water, and sugar to form a creamy brown slurry that is added to hot or cold milk and mixed while drinking. This particular coffee preparation has been in trend for a long time in India with people posting pictures of Algona coffee made by them.

Haircut at home- With all the saloons and parlors closed due to lockdown, it’s more of a necessity than a trend to yield the scissors at home. Several people have posted pictures of their family members cutting their hair while staying indoors in quarantine.


‘Go Corona’- From memes to hashtags, this particular slogan given by Rajya Sabha member Ramdas Athawale, has become a humourous trend on social media giving rise to several memes and comedy videos.


Challenges- People on social media have created several challenges including posting b/w pictures, pictures of favorite books, selfies in Indian attire, etc. based on their taste and choice. This was a great way to communicate during lockdown by nominating more friends and inviting them to complete a challenge that might suit their taste. These challenges also included several online bingo games.

Reliving television experience of 1987-88 – With the Ramayana TV series (1987) and Mahabharata TV series (1988) being re-aired on DD National, it has become a social media trend to post pictures, memes, and videos based on watching experience of these classic television series. All TV channels airing daily soaps are re-telecasting old shows but these serials on DD National, being sentimentally attached to the masses, have gained maximum public attention.


Other than the above-mentioned trends, several other smaller trends have become viral on social media. With new trends incoming, these have made the boring lockdown experience fun and enjoyable.

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