10 Lip-smacking Easy Snack You Can Make At Home

Are you gravely wanting your jaws to work out? Well, here we have 10 healthy and easy snack this quarantine season which you can make at home.

The world is having a hard time coping with this catastrophic pandemic, COVID-19. And it has compelled people to self isolate themselves. Now, especially after the Indian Government imposed nationwide lockdown, not once but twice in continuation, people’s taste buds are craving madly for something other than the monotonous, simple home-cooked meal. Down below, we have listed 10 easy snack recipes which would be both a blessing to your taste buds and your tummy. Right from moist brownies to lip-smacking papdi chaat, we have a list to give your taste buds a roller coaster ride.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Heat two tbsp of butter in a deep pot over medium-high flame. Add one cup of popping corn kernels. Cover the pot and pop the corn, shaking it often. Remove from heat, drizzle with butter. For spices, combine ½ tbsp of red pepper flakes, 1tbsp salt, ½ tsp garlic powder, 1tsp cumin and sprinkle the blend over hot corn. And, you’re ready to hit the sack with spicy popcorn and some Netflix.


• Very quick and easy to make recipe.
• Uses very less oil to make these scrumptious appams.

In a bowl, add ½ cup of semolina (Rava), ½ cup of curd, 1/4th cup finely chopped cauliflower, 1/4th cup diced tomatoes, 1/4th cup chopped onions, 1 tbsp of red chili flakes, ½ tsp crushed black pepper, 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1.5 tsp salt. Combine them all and set aside for 30 minutes.


In a ladle, heat 2 tbsp of oil, add 1 tbsp black mustard seeds and curry leaves. Once they crackle, add it in the previously prepared mixture of Rava and curd. Mix well.

Now, heat an appam pan, grease each cup with oil. Put a tablespoon full in each cup and cook until bubbles form on the other side.

Flip and cook until turns golden brown on the surface.
Serve hot with a dip of your preference.

Eating fruits with a twist has its own fun. And this recipe, is one such thing.
Chop two bananas (2cm thickness). In a bowl, empty the peanut butter jar. Peirce a toothpick in each banana piece and dip it in the peanut butter bowl. Coat the bananas evenly one by one and place them on a baking tray with a greased butter paper on it. Let the bananas freeze overnight.
Good things take time. 


Melt a cup of dark chocolate in either a double boiler or microwave. Dip the frozen peanut butter bananas in the melted chocolate. Repeat the same with all other bananas. Let them sit in the fridge for another good 30 minutes or until the chocolate hardens. Enjoy later.

Pro tip: Coat a few bananas with crushed and roasted walnuts and almonds after being done with a chocolate coat.

Your search for a healthy, savory, flavor-packed snack has come to an end. This protein oozing snack is a must-try.


Soak 2 cups of chickpeas overnight. Rinse, drain and dry the chickpeas well enough, without leaving traces of moisture. Toss the chickpeas with a dash of olive oil and salt. Transfer them to a parchment-lined baking tray and roast them in a preheated oven (400 degrees) for twenty minutes or until crispy.
Toss them again with your choice of spices and enjoy it for a good long time.

An Indian variety of crackers using almost no oil, is a healthy substitute for the deep-fried chips. To begin making the Gujarati Khakhra Recipe, in a large bowl, combine the whole wheat flour-(2cups), fenugreek leaves-(2 tbsp), red chili powder (1 tbsp), asafetida (1/2 tbsp), turmeric (2 tsp), oil and salt to taste with water to make a dough.


Roll out the dough into thin chapattis (as this as possible) and cook them with a tsp of oil in a flat pan on medium-high flame from both sides until brown spots appear or turn crispy.
Similarly make several such Khakhras and store them in an airtight container. Serve with green chutney.

Take a blending jar, add in crushed biscuits of your choice (preferably Oreos) around 20 in number. Add 2 tbsp of sugar, 1tsp of baking powder, ½ teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt. Grind them well until they form a good mixture.

In another bowl, add 2 tbsp of melted butter, 1 tbsp of vanilla essence, 2 tbsp of whisked curd and lukewarm milk according to a thick batter consistency.


Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients and mix until no lumps remain. Don’t whisk excessively as that will not let the brownie to rise well. Transfer the batter into a greased baking tray and bake in a preheated oven at 180-degree centigrade for 40-45 minutes.
Pro tip: Add roasted walnuts and almonds for a healthy crunch in between your moist brown delicacy.

An extremely easy and quick snack to enjoy is the Peanut Bhel.
In a bowl add ½ cup of roasted groundnuts/peanuts, 1/4th cup chopped onions, freshly chopped coriander leaves, and 1 green chili. Mix well and add the required spices like salt( as per taste) and chaat masala.


In the end toss the mix with a dash of lemon juice and crushed cornflakes for extra crisp. Serve immediately.

Arrange 7-8 papdi-s on a plate. Top each papdi with boiled and chopped potatoes, chopped onions, whisked curd, sev, mixed spices (black salt, red chili pepper, chat masala), green and red chutney, freshly chopped coriander, lemon juice and a few pomegranate seeds. Serve immediately with Masala Chai or just serve it plain snack.


For cheese lovers, nothing can be as easy and great as a cheese sandwich. Take two bread slices, cut out the corners, and butter them evenly on one side.

On one of the slice, add shredded cheese, onion rings, and a few grilled bell pepper rings. Top with a pinch of black pepper, chili flakes, salt, and oregano mix.


Heat a grilling pan, place the sandwich on it with butter greased on a pan. Grill until dark brown grill patches appear on the bread. Flip and grill again.
Serve hot with mayonnaise and red chili sauce mix.

Dry fruit bars count as a very healthy option to go for if looking for a protein-rich diet. To make these bars, heat 2 tbsp of butter/ghee in a pan. Add 2 tbsp of poppy seeds into the simmering hot butter, then add 2 cups of finely chopped dates, toss for a while until both the things combine well. Add in 1 cup of granulated brown sugar (healthier in comparison to refined sugar) and cook until the sugar starts to melt. Then add 1/4th cup of roasted pistachios, 1/4th cup of cashews, 1/4th cup of roasted almonds, 1/4th cups of crushed walnuts, and 1/4th cup of chopped black raisins. Mix well until all the things combine well. Turn off the flame, and transfer the contents into a greased tin soon after that. Press the mix onto the bottom of the container, leaving the least possible air spaces in between. Set aside the mixture to cool in the tin.
On cooling down, de-mold the already set contents and cut them in desired shapes (bars). Serve in either breakfast or snack.

These bars can be enjoyed for a week long time without losing its flavor.

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