DIESEL FUEL LEAK, This year does not surprise anyone anymore with catastrophes happening every day. With the whole world in lockdown, it is becoming harder for the countries to tackle these problems. From the coronavirus pandemic which still exists to the ongoing protests in the united states where the president had to go underground, 2020 has showed us everything. Recently it’s been reported that the Russian president Vladimir Putin declared an emergency due to oil spillage.

This took place in Siberia where an estimated 20,000 tons of diesel fuel spilled from a power plant facility into the waterways which has contaminated the water. The spill took on Friday near a power plant facility on the outskirts of the city of Norilsk which is approximately 2900 kilometers away from Moscow, the capital city. To stop the fuel from spreading more, booms were laid in the ambarnaya river where this incident took place. The river leads to a lake from which another river springs which leads to the environmentally delicate arctic ocean. The area where the spill occurred is close to the traditional land of the Nenets and northern Norway where the Inuit and other indigenous tribes are dependent on the river for food. The Russian authorities got to know about the spill two days after it occurred which shoes how unaware the Russian authorities about the events taking place in their country. The president also held a video meeting with the regional governor to know about the situation and asking the status of the spillage. The most common method to clean up a spill is to drain out the oil through pipes but due to the seclusion of the area, it is difficult to bring large boats to pump out the oil from the river.

This DIESEL FUEL spill can turn catastrophic if not stopped at the time as it can cause huge damage to the marine life and other resources and it’s been estimated that it can cause a damage of about $13 million or more as 90 percent of the oil from the plant has already spread to other waterways. The plant is operated by Norilsk nickel whose factories have made Norilsk one of the most populated cities in the world. Though the cause of the spillage has still not been figured out but its been assumed that the facility constructed on sinking soil near the river collapsed due to which the various petroleum products spilled into the river.

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