PROUD MOMENT FOR INDIANS, America’s global data intelligence company Morning Consult political intelligence yesterday announced a global rating amidst the consequences of COVID19 that which leader in the world was able to tackle covid19 effectively. This rating is also based on how much effort the leader has put and the rate of success. They have also rated keeping in mind the public opinion that how much public is liking their leader.

In this rating our beloved PM Narendra Modi has got the first rank above all the world leaders including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping.


In this rating our PM has got first ranking with 68 approval points whereas American President Donald Trump has been awarded with -3 rating.

A survey was carried out all over the world between 1 Jan 2020 to 14 April 2020 where they tried to know from the locals that how their leader has tackled this tough situation and how much success did he gain. On average they took 447 interviews daily which resulted that our PM is appreciated all over the world.

We are the proof of it that how effectively he has controlled such a pandemic with a limited number of resources despite having a lot of opportunities just like a huge population lack of equipments.

PROUD MOMENT FOR INDIANS, So if you see India emerging as a global leader at such a time that would not be a matter of many surprises.

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