Protests in America

America Unless you’re living under a rock, you know about the things going on in the United States of
America. Recently, a man named George Floyd was killed (murdered, to be honest) by a police officer in Minneapolis. He had been stopped and restrained by the policemen because of the color of his skin. One of the policemen then pinned him to the ground and then continued to kneel on his neck for 9 minutes while Floyd begged for him to get off because he couldn’t breathe. He passed away; may he rest in peace.

Protests broke out all over The United States, in fact in many parts of the world. In many parts of The States, even riots broke out. People started vandalizing stores and looting outlets of chains like Target, T mobile, etc. America So much so, that Floyd’s had to come on the record and request the protestors to maintain peace on the streets.

But the people are pissed. And it’s not just the African-American community. Everybody is pissed. Even people in countries like Syria are protesting systematic racism in the USA. The protestors are angered but most continue to protest peacefully. However, that is not stopping the police from tear gassing them, attacking them, shooting them, and the media covering the protests with rubber bullets. America The President, who is known to be racist, has made tweets that promote this violence on part of the police.

Now, in no way do I think it’s acceptable to loot and vandalize buildings; but I think its
understandable that a community that has been oppressed for centuries would decide to show the world how far they’re willing to go to get the equality they were promised. Celebrities from all over the world are outraging and coming out in support of Floyd and the Black Lives America Matter cause (something we really need about inequalities in our country), and many even went to protests and provided aid to the protestors. White people are recognizing their privilege and using it to bring about change.

Videos have gone viral in which they can be seen jumping in front of African-American
protestors to protect them from the police. This is the kind of solidarity the world needs. This is the message that we need to spread. That people cannot be treated differently based on the color of their skin.

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