After the CAA protests in north Delhi, many arrests were done who were suspected of influencing people against the states. Recently safoora zargar, a pregnant Jamia Milia Islamia student was denied bail by the Patiala house court due to communal violence in northeast Delhi during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment act.

Zargar was the head of the media of the Jamia coordination committee and is suspected in influencing people in northeast Delhi to rebel against the government which led to violence and riot using her inflammatory speeches on February 23. She has been arrested under the unlawful activities(prevention) act. after making two unsuccessful attempts on getting a bail, this is her third unsuccessful bail plea. her lawyers first tried for a bail on April 18th which was before she was booked under the unlawful activities(prevention) act. on her third plea, the additional sessions judge Dharmendra Rana said in his order that the acts and inflammatory speeches of the conspirator are admissible under the Indian evidence act even against the accused. The judge also said that during further investigation, links to larger conspiracies could be found and therefore the evidence of acts and statements made by any conspirator in relation to the riots and the guilty is admissible in court. he even said that even if there were no direct relation of the violence to her, she still will be held guilty under the provisions of the UAPA because of her speeches.

Though the court has asked the Tihar jail to provide proper medical aid to her as she is 21 weeks pregnant but due to the coronavirus, she is pretty vulnerable due to the lack of resources and the pandemic situation. The Citizenship amendment bill protest were the worst riots that Delhi has seen since the anti-Sikh violence of 1984. The riots led to the death of 53 people and injured hundreds. The Delhi police had arrested all the Jamia students they suspected being involved in it including zargar. Zargar still cannot be considered guilty and right now only the prosecutor’s argument is heard and judged upon and so it’s not a fair judgment.

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