Pregnancy is a special blessing to most women. It announces the beginning of motherhood in a woman’s life. However, expectant mothers during this prevalent coronavirus pandemic are more anxious, uncertain and safe to say afraid, rather than being happy, regarding the health of their unborn babies and themselves.

Ever since the world has been put under quarantine, they are reluctant to go to clinics and hospitals for regular prenatal checkups. If an infection ensues, going out can endanger the health of these mothers as well as that of the medical professionals. Pregnant women are advised to be aware of the facilities their corresponding health care hospitals are equipped with so they can plan their appointments without putting the health of any being at stake. Even after the delivery, imperative duties like vaccination and immunization shouldn’t be escaped and tended to.


Till date, it is not certain if the virus can be acquired by an offspring from the mother. Franka Cadée, President of International Confederation of Midwives, said that, “the COVID-19 virus has not been found in vaginal fluid in cord blood or breastmilk”. It hasn’t been detected in the placenta or the amniotic fluid either. Everyone is supposed to follow the issued guidelines including self isolation and basic hygiene, nevertheless.

PREGNANCY, As for the place of delivery, countries like the Netherlands are very forward in local deliveries carried out in residential homes with the help of midwives. This isn’t the scenario everywhere though. It is commendable to seek the advice of the health care professional in the vicinity for this matter. Women are also worried about the presence of someone in close proximity at the time of delivery. Cadée says that it is crucial for a close family member to be present to provide moral support and upliftment to the pregnant lady. Care should be taken about the hygiene and masks should be worn by the visitors.

Planning about the events occurring during pregnancy can ease anxiety and restlessness. Resorting to simple exercises and workout routines like stretching and meditation is helpful. Proper diet and hydrated body are absolutely necessary. Cadée also said that pregnant women are giving birth to the future and need to be treasured.

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