Poverty is the most common topic that could be used in much of the social awareness portions, I suppose. Because it is one of the major social issues by which people suffer, it had also caused much nuisance in their lives and seemed to be causing many effects.
How does poverty affect you?
Ya, as we know, poverty is nothing but a state where some people lack in getting their basic needs like proper food, shelter, healthcare, basic income, etc. Just imagine a life without a meal… Or about a home without a door…will you be able to sleep a single night without fear…? Then think about other needs… It would be really hard and even much harder to live those lives of men and women who live under the poverty line, and children are more seemed to be affected when compared to them.
Improper conditions of the homes.
There are two types of poverty and they are absolute and relative poverty. The major reasons for poverty are:
Population: Overpopulation is one of the main factors that induce poverty in our country.
Unemployment: Due to overpopulation, unemployment would surely strike the count because of varied options.
Lack of education: Just because of their situation it’s really hard for them to go to study as they don’t get enough facilities. Government should provide new schemes to enhance the employment level for such people.
Effects of poverty: However, poverty has multiple effects on people who are under the poverty line. Right from health care, safety, a proper home, and food, they need to face lack in all cases because of no proper income.
As small children need to suffer without enough nutrition they would also easily get affected by malnutrition. Because of food insecurity, there are more likely to get other chronic illnesses also like diabetes, and stroke, as their body would be of low immune power. Without proper sanitation, people would attain various intestinal infections and people with low immune could easily get affected by tuberculosis, just because of insufficient ventilation also they would get various respiratory infections like pneumonia and other similar diseases. It is well noticeable about all the physical changes that those people suffer… But think about their mental health… How much they would withstand because of each illness in every topic…
Their situations during every environmental disaster would be a horror to even think, then think about how they would endure during every other weird circumstance.
There are various programs and policies launched by our government of India to reduce the proportion of poverty, but on the other side, it should be surveyed and checked, how much it has been used in the right manner and also whether it has reached the right people.
It would be pathetic when we notice their arduous situations but there is no use of useless sympathy so it is necessary to provide the needed and the content schemes that would help them to attend to every basic need right from health, shelter, and education.

Josephine Shalini S
IIIrd yr BA Eng
Bishop Heber College, Trichy, Tamilnadu

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