Positive LGBT Representation in TV

LGBT, It’s pride month!! And because I’m all for people being accepted for who they are, and I think media representation plays a huge role in how communities are perceived in society. So here are a bunch of the best LGBT Q characters we’ve seen on our screens-

Captain Raymond Holt- Brooklyn Nine-Nine- Holt came out as gay in the ’80s and never backed down from who he was. He never shied away from his identity. Even when it made things difficult for him, career-wise and socially, he still wore his identity proudly and eventually rose up the ranks. Even after having to fail all of that, he’s still an amazing police captain/ genius, and there’s no denying that.

Rosa Diaz- Brooklyn Nine-Nine- One of the coolest, most badass detective ever, Rosa comes out as bisexual in the episode ‘Game Night’ in Season 5. She was one of the earlier television characters to come out of the closet.

Toni and Cheryl- Riverdale- Okay I stopped watching this show around halfway through season 3. But I still believe that Cheryl and Toni made one of the most iconic couples on the show, and they really had me rooting for them.

Mitch and Cam- Modern Family- Mitch and cam are characters that kind of balance each other out, and that makes them really compatible with each other. They’re amazing parents and make a great team. To add that, the drama and the humor, they’re one of the cutest couples in the show.

Eric- Sex education- He was loud, he was open, and he was proud of who he was. The show not only showed the struggles faced by members of the community, but we also saw Eric overcome the obstacles in his path and explore his sexuality.

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