Pollution levels fall tremendously during the lockdown in India

fall Ever since countries have agreed on a lockdown all across the globe to battle against Coronavirus, the air quality has never been as better. Especially in India, the air pollution has decreased extensively, leading to purer air quality in the contemporary times.


The lockdown that started in the month of March here, persists to continue for longer periods of time until we see a fall in COID-19 cases that have now crossed 20,000 in India. So, the only relief among such fall dreadful times is to know that the air we breathe is improving rapidly every day.

Good news on the way!

Out of 101 cities at least fall 35 have reported that they have seen improvisation in the air quality in their region. Amidst these cities, even Punjab has reported this good news and stated that due to cleaner air, they can now view the Himalayan Mountains.


Even New Delhi fall recorded its best-ever AQI of 45 during the month of March. This evidently speaks for improving air quality in India. Above all, the industries in parts of Gujrat, Vapi, and Vatva have also reported fresher air.

The biggest impact has been observed on Nitrogen dioxide pollution which is created by burning coal and vehicular emissions. Due to decrease in this, the rising cases of many respiratory diseases have also decreased in the country. Alongside this, Ahmadabad, Jehangirpuri, and Pune have also reported this incredible news.


Ozone is healing!

The good news is fall that fall the environment is not only healing in our country but in all those places that are obeying the laws of lockdown. This makes one thing clear: in order to beat the environmental problems and global warming, we must practice sustainable energy and use lesser vehicles on road.

Amidst all this stay-at-home, this is certainly a blessing in disguise!

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