PM Modi urges states to tap the global companies leaving China

As the pandemic is leading the Indian economy to ruins, the government is constantly brainstorming to prevent a complete downfall. Recently, PM Modi urged the state governments of India to target attracting global companies that want to leave China.


The global companies that want to leave China have decided to do so for two major reasons. The origination of the Coronavirus outbreak has left everyone enraged worldwide so most companies no longer want to continue their relations with them. More so, the long trade war between China and the US is compelling the global companies to make an exit from China.

CM Adityanath seconds Modi’s request china

Apart from PM Modi, UP CM, Yogi Adityanath had also taken the initiative earlier to spread the idea of this strategy to china uplift the economy of India. He announced a special package to woo the global companies to join hands with the Indian industry and contribute to its development.


On the other hand, there is a list of reasons why many global companies hesitate to join hands with India to invest in its market. china The license acquisition, land-related problems, red tape and other concerns compel the global markets to stay away from joining the Indian market.

“As you all know, several industries will be exploring options beyond China after the coronavirus crisis. We all should work on a comprehensive plan for possibility of investments in the states,” a source quoted Modi while he was in conversation with the CMs of our nation.


The recent strategies being undertaken by the Indian government and the Prime Minister of India are a major standpoint.china If we are able to attract the global companies that might want to exit China due to the awful conditions surrounding them, India is very likely to recover from its economic loss.

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