PM Modi advises the nation to be self-reliant

This National Panchayat Day on Friday, PM Modi took the opportunity to advise Indian citizens to be self-reliant. During his valuable address to India, he talked about how we should depend less on other countries and find solutions on our own. Whether it is buying goods made by China or any other country, we must learn to meet our demands by ourselves.


PM Modi addresses the country

The global contagion has thrown up challenges and problems which could not have been imagined. However, it has also taught us a very important lesson; that is, we have to be self- reliant and self-sufficient. It has taught us that we should not look for solutions outside the country,” he stated in the video interaction.

“Without self-reliance, we cannot deal with crises of such nature. The thought that we should not depend on others for fulfilling our needs is centuries old, but the changed circumstance has validated its importance once again,” Modi added during the video interaction.


“Beijing exploits its position”, said PM Modi

PM Modi also spoke about the atrocities of depending on China for goods and how Beijing misuses its position as the factory of the world to lead us to a downfall. The PM also stressed upon the various techniques that are being implemented to make Panchayats self-sufficient in most villages so that they can use their power to leverage their needs.


While discussing about the lockdown and social distancing later, he also asked us to take inspiration from the villages that are trying so hard to beat the pandemic.

Amidst this miserable time of Coronavirus, we all must seek inspiration from one another and practice the art of social distancing to save not just ourselves but the country as a whole. We are in this together!

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