Plasma from recovered patients can help cure Covid-19

During this time of Coronavirus when the world is stringing between life and death, Plasma from the recovered patients has ignited a ray of hope. Since the Plasma has the capability of treating various rare diseases in humans, it can aid the patients still struggling with this deadly disease.


Recently, Smruti Thakkar who just recovered from COVID-19 in Gujarat was the first donor of Plasma. As she made the donation, she stated:

“All I want to tell all the Covid-19 survivors is that it is a very simple process, just like donating blood and one must definitely do it. If we can save lives by just donating antibodies made by our body, then we must do it. We are just sharing our immunity and help save lives. I have been receiving so many calls and messages from other patients who are keen and it feels so special to know that I have done something right. Something that has set the stage right for others to follow suit.”

She also talked about making a new friend who had returned from Dubai in the hospital and said: “While in the hospital, I made friends with another girl who has just recently recovered. I have been speaking to her about the whole process of plasma donation and how she should do it. Now she is keen too, seeing that I am fine after my donation. I am happy to help.”


Lately, we are also hearing that a few patients from the Tablighi Jamaat community have also stepped forward to donate their plasma.

It is very relieving to know that people are stepping forward willingly to beat the pandemic and help the country beat this pandemic. Hopefully, it won’t be long when Coronavirus disappears from the world and brings an end to this lockdown for once and for all!

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