Places in India denied the evilness of Ravana!

Dussehra is celebrated to mark the victory of Good over evil. The festival is considered as a pure occasion where Ram’s victory over the evil king of Lanka Ravana is celebrated by setting the three statues of Ravna, Meghnath and Kumbh Karan on fire. Where this festival is celebrated fondly across the country, there are few places where this event is denied…

 There are different spots in India where Ravan is adored as a divinity and not consumed on Dussehra. Here’s the list of such places.

Bisrakh (Uttar Pradesh):

The name ‘Bisrakh’ is gotten from the name of Ravana’s dad, Rishi Vishrava. Likewise, Bisarakh is the origination of Ravana. That is the reason individuals in this district love him. He is viewed as a Maha-Brahman here. Across India you will see people preparing Ravana’s statute to set it on fire but here people perform yagya’s for Ravana’s departed soul. So, his soul rest in peace.

Jodhpur (Rjasthan):

The Mudgil Brahmins of Jodhpur are the relatives of Raavan and that is the reason they perform Shraddh and Pind Daan for him as opposed to consuming Raavana’s representations. According to legends, Raavan got hitched to Mandodari in Mandore, the origin of Raavana’s better half. That is the point at which the Maudgil Brahmans came to Jodhpur from Lanka.

Kangra (Himachal Pradesh):

Individuals in Kangra think about Raavana, an extraordinary lover of Lord Shiva as legends accept that it was Kangra where Raavana pacified Lord Shiva with his gravity and commitment and after which Lord Shiva offered him his endowments. That is the reason you won’t see Ravana Dahan in Kangra.

Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh)

As per Hindu Mythology Ramayana, Ravana was the son-in-law of Mandasur as it was his significant other Mandodri’s fatherly home. That is the reason individuals in Mandasur love Ravana for his insight and commitment to Lord Shiva. The spot has a 35-foot tall sculpture of Ravana and the individuals of Mandasur hold petitions to grieve his demise on Dussehra.

A temple in Kanpur, Where Ravana is worship. why?

Across India, Dussehra is celebrated with lights and diyas. The day is marked as a victory of Ram over Ravana. Therefore the light signifies Ram’s win but in Shivala people light diyas and celebrate the existence of Ravana. 150 years old temple opens its door for devotes on only one day which is Dussehra and it is the opposite of what Dussehra is celebrated for. He is worshipped for being the epitome of Knowledge and power. Here, Ravana is considered as the guard of lord shiva, his biggest devotee.

The stories that taught us the evilness of Ravana also tells us that nobody is purely wrong. When Ram killed Ravana, he asked his younger brother Laxman to take King’s Ravana blessing for his undefeated knowledge and power. 

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