Patriotic Movies You Should Stream Now

Patriotic Movies, Despite being locked up in our homes, the excitement surrounding Independence Day has still been buzzing around on social media, with people using ingenious means to demonstrate their patriotism for the country. And what would be a more 2020 way of showing patriotism than streaming movies online? Jokes apart, here are some movies you can watch right now that will give you a boost of patriotism and national pride.

Chak De India
No list of patriotic movies can even begin without mentioning this classic. Shah Rukh Khan plays a disgraced former hockey player turned women’s team coach who whips them into a collective unit and instils a sense of national identity over state identity into the hearts of players who’ve only ever represented their states. Despite his own struggles and being at odds with the public, accused of selling his country out, Khan tries to prove his loyalty to his country by coaching the team for the upcoming Hockey World Cup, and at the same time challenges gender stereotypes and inequality.
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I didn’t want to include two consecutive Shah Rukh Khan movies on this list, but the ‘Badshah of Bollywood’ seems to have perfected the art of reinforcing national pride without hammering it over the viewers’ heads. In this ageless feature, he plays a Project Manager at NASA who, despite his high standard of living in the States, cannot get over his guilt for leaving his childhood caretaker behind in his village, who raised him after his parents’ death. His return to his village sets up an experience that changes his life and his negative outlook on his roots.

Rang De Basanti
In my opinion, the best way to demonstrate one’s patriotism for their nation is to be unafraid of acknowledging the problems (not brushing them under the carpet), and striving towards changing your country for the better. That belief is perfectly exemplified on the big screen through this film. Featuring the likes of Aamir Khan, Siddharth, Kunal Kapoor and Sharman Josh playing aimless college kids who are recruited to play freedom fighters for a documentary, the movie shows how an avoidable personal tragedy caused by corruption awakens their patriotism and gives them a purpose. If the other two didn’t, this one will definitely move you to tears.

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