 Delhi Police’s PAKISTANI Special Cell caught two espionages in the national capital on 31 st June 2020.
 These spies worked in the visa section of Pakistan’s High Commission in India.
 They have been asked to leave the territory of the Republic of India within twenty-four hours.

According to sources of various news reports, Delhi Police Special cell has incarcerated two Pakistani, namely, Abeed Hussain and Tahir Khan. They ostensibly worked in the visa section of the Pakistan High Commission. They were assumedly working for Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence or PAKISTANI ISI and were on an espionage mission. Fake documents and identity cards were found with these ‘spies.’

Foreign Ministry of India has released a statement on the entire incident stating, “The government has declared both these officials persona non grata for indulging in activities
incompatible with their status as members of a diplomatic mission and asked them to leave the country within twenty-four hours,”

Adding to their statement on the entire incident,PAKISTANI the Foreign Ministry communicated “Pakistan’s Charge de Affaires was issued a demarche in which a strong protest was lodged with regard to the activities of these officials of the High Commission of Pakistan against India’s national security,”

Informing about the directions issued to the neighbor on this act of the Pakistani officials, the Foreign Ministry added, “Pakistan’s Cd’A was asked to ensure that no member of its diplomatic mission should indulge in activities inimical to India or behave in a manner incompatible with their diplomatic status,” Although there was no official statement on what exactly was either of them indulged in but as stated by various news portals, the couple were caught while meeting some of there contacts and were trying to garner intelligence in connection with the Indian Army as well as Indian Railways. Presumably, they were desirous of extracting information regarding the recent incidence of Dalit movement in India They are supposedly trained by Pakistan’s primary intelligence agency, i.e., ISI.

According to a report by Times Network, “Tahir used to “proactively” scout for contacts in government establishments in Delhi. “He was actively pursuing officers and middle run employees luring with money and in some cases, honey trap them using social media accounts. The details regarding Indian officials to be contacted were shared by his senior in Pakistan. Personal social media accounts of government officials in India were monitored closely,” said a
senior police official.”

The couple was also engaged in contacting people who wanted to move to Pakistan and channelized them in issuing the visas.

Earlier in 2016, a spy racket which was operated by Akthar Mahmood, a Pakistani national and worked in the visa section of Pakistan High Commission was also busted by the police.

India is also expecting a response against its officials posted in Pakistan as a reaction to the entire incident. This isn’t the first time when either India or Pakistan has accused an official on a diplomatic mission for activities of espionage or spying and detained or deported them.

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