Pakistani citizens fake dead bodies to roam in the streets during the lockdown

Pakistani citizens fake dead bodies, One of the most awful pandemics in the history of mankind, Coronavirus is leading to innumerable deaths each day, causing the endangerment of humans rapidly. Till now, nearly 1.84 lakh deaths have been confirmed worldwide that has turned every country into a mourning ground.


Among the large population in each Pakistani country, the people who are suffering the most are the poor, who are constantly cribbing about the lack of food at home. Due to shortage of money, all hopes are being shattered. Despite such dreadful scenes, there are some people who do not give a care to the pandemic.

Several people fake death in Ambulances

A recent report stated that a few people from Pakistan are faking their deaths to get away from their houses and roam in the streets during the lockdown. This brutal behaviour that slaughters every emotion of humanity, was highly hurtful for everyone who is sitting at their homes, locked up, waiting Pakistani for this problem to end so that they can get back to their normal lives.


These people who faked the dead body pretended to go from one place to another but as soon as the police removed the shroud to make investigations, the living person beneath the shroud said Pakistani“we reached?” At this, even the police got scared but later punished all of them who were involved in this case.


A recent source has found another similar Pakistani case in Karachi where some people defied the lockdown to get out from their homes and go astray during the lockdown. When such news was unleashed, people everywhere where shocked and hurt at the same time.

Such acts of insanity should not be forgiven. We hope that the police take Pakistani stringent actions against anyone who adheres to such misconduct during this crucial hour.

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