Pakistan removes many names from the terrorist watch list

A recent report has unleashed that Pakistan has removed thousands of terrorist names from its terr orist watchlist.

Around 4000 names(terrorist) have been removed so far, which is life-threatening for so many people out there.

The name of LeT operations commander Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi has also been removed from the watchlist. In 2018, this list contained exactly 7,600 names that have been reduced to 3,800 now. According to some sources, Pakistan has removed around 1,800 names this March.


On top of that, the Imran Khan government has taken this action without any public explanation for the same.

Castellum. Al provides further clarity

The automated watchlist compliance, Castellum.AI, a RegTECH provides clarity against this action by stating,At its height in October 2018, Pakistan’s terrorist watchlist, the Proscribed Persons List, had about 7,600 names, according to a report from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog”

It further adds, “Between March 9th and March 27th, Castellum.AI data showed that Pakistan removed 1,069 names from the Proscribed Persons List, and that all those names then appeared on the country’s Denotified List, a term used in Pakistan to signify an official removal. Since March 27th, about 800 more names were removed from the terrorist watchlist and placed on the Denotified List. Since its peak, about 3,800 names were removed from the Proscribed Persons List, without explanation or notification to the public.”


After all of the news reading, the question is, why did they remove the names? According to the sources, the reason why Pakistan slowly started removing the names of the terrorists was because they couldn’t justify them without any action.

After a good round of question and Answer sessions of Pakistan with the FATF, it was clear that Pakistan was up to something. Since it did not have anything in its Défense, it started removing the names of the terrorists slowly.

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