Over Population in Delhi

Over Population In Delhi

The problem of over population is an issue in Delhi. As people living in Delhi are from all cultures and states, it has the largest population among all the states in India. Delhi is considered the world’s second most populated city. The population in Delhi is rising at an alarming stage. It has also been estimated that Delhi could be the world’s most populated city by 2028. It is estimated that Delhi is likely to cross the mark of 15 million populations in the year 2022. Delhi is very much congested and there is a need for more space.

The major and most important reason for the increase in population in Delhi is Migration. Delhi, the capital of India is the fastest growing city in the world and the largest metropolitan city in the world. It is a centre of attraction for people from all around India. People came to Delhi for better job and education opportunities. People from different states settle down here permanently in search of better opportunities and lifestyle which also increases the population of Delhi.

An increase in population leads to an increase in demand. Increase in demand for food, health facilities, education facilities, water facilities, electricity supplies, job opportunities, and employment rates. The more the people, the more they need jobs to fulfil their basic needs of life. The more the people, the more they need educational institutions and facilities. The more the people, the more they need basic requirements such as food and water. When there is an increase in demand along with the increase in population and not an increase in the supply, this creates a social issue. The electricity demand has also increased because of the increasing population in Delhi.

Migrants from rural areas come to Delhi for work. They work as domestic helpers and daily wage labourers. Not everyone moving to Delhi can find a place to live. In a place of four people, ten people are living in a single room. The increasing population is blamed for increasing demand and the declining

supply of drinking water. The population is also responsible for increasing pollution in the capital. More population means more the increase in demand for private vehicles which emits harmful emissions. The air quality is declining day by day making Delhi the most polluted city in India. The population is also responsible for various kinds of pollution like air, water, noise, and land pollution.

Delhi also has a very young population that needs employment opportunities. There is an adequate need of creating employment opportunities for people aged between 25-60 years. Many students for college admission come to Delhi. Many students came to college for admissions in Delhi University which is considered one of the best universities for doing various courses. This also increases the population of Delhi.

Overpopulation also leads to several serious issues other than pollution. Malnutrition, lack of health facilities, and overcrowded living conditions are some of those problems. Health problems such as malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, etc. are common in overpopulated places.

Delhi also needs to improve its commercial residential infrastructure. The increase in population will create several problems for the upcoming generation. The PM of India has also suggested that there is a need to create awareness among people. The population should be controlled to have better and more sustainable life on earth.

Anisha Sharma
BA (Honours) Mathematics

Ambedkar University


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