Overpopulation- A Gift or Curse?

overpopulation a gift or curse
Overpopulation A Gift Or Course ?

Social problems are prevailing in India since the beginning of time. One of the main social evils in India remains Illiteracy. Illiteracy could be a state whereby one is unable to read and write. In its simplest form, it is determined as a lack of any or decent education.

Generally, those that have had poor basic education also practice challenges in reading and writing.

Trouble in reading or writing is seen to be the characteristic of an uneducated person and is additionally observed as illiteracy. For this definition, a speech or letter that has many errors is said to be filled with illiteracies.

The challenges of illiteracy cut across Gender, Age, Race, Geographical location, and Cultures.

There is a big number of reasons why a person can be illiterate. These are a number of the causes of the lack to read or write:

  1. Illiteracy among parents: Several illiterate parents don’t see the importance of education. Many of these were born to people who can neither read nor write. This is often very true in remote areas where many of them the older generation haven’t skilled formal education. This is reverse for the people who have a well-educated background. They notice the need of taking their kids to high school and to make sure that they receive the best education.
  1. Lack of awareness: In many places, members of the native population don’t understand why it’s vital for them to go to school, and the extent of illiteracy could also be high. Problems with formal learning may be caused by a lack of awareness of the importance of attending school. The quantity of illiterate people in urban areas tends to be less than that of those in rural areas. Folks in cities are additional responsive to the necessity to eliminate illiteracy, the challenges that arise from lack of education, and therefore the social edges of being literate compared to people in a remote place.
  1. Social barriers: Several social barriers equivalent to restrictions on girls’ education in some societies result in illiteracy among the affected section of the population. Education of the girl kid has been a problem in some components of the globe resulting in the formation of different organizations targeted at championing the education of women. Forcing kids into the wedding is another social issue that causes illiteracy within the community. Family or social norms wherever feminine education isn’t allowed additionally causes illiteracy. In societies where the class structure continues to be in force, people who make up the incorrect caste issues might not get the chance to educate themselves. they’re condemned at birth to stay illiterate.
  1. Lack of cheap education facilities: People who live in terribly remote areas with few or no education facilities might remain illiterate. The closest school may be found many miles away. Rather than walking for long distances day after day simply to travel to school, several prefer to occupy home. Lack of access to education facilities in rural areas has contributed a great deal to the high variety of illiterate citizens in these places.

These are a number of the consequences of the lack to read and write:

  1. Hinders economic and social progress: Illiteracy greatly inhibits the economic and social progress of a person similar to that of the country. Education provides one the ability to hunt opportunities and pursue them. Those that have gone to high school or are well educated have the experience and intelligence to create smart investment selections and drive the expansion agenda of a nation.
  2. Poverty: Illiteracy ends up in poverty. Education equips one with the correct skills and expertise for paid employment. An individual who has not gone to school and is unable to interpret and write might find a tough time finding employment, particularly in a very world where the company setting is progressively in demand for workers who are well-trained and can modify a business driven by technology. While not an inexpensive supply of income, taking care of the dependent relations may sway be difficult.
  1. Child marriage: This often added will occur because of illiteracy. People may fail to acknowledge the advantages of taking kids to high school to find out the way to read and write. Instead, the lady child could also be forced into early marriage. It’s going to also be a way of raising cash through gift payments to support the remainder of the family members. In a very way, the girl child is viewed as property in some cultures. The following is particularly rampant in areas wherever a lot of individuals haven’t gone to high school.
  1. Social crimes: Through education, an individual can cultivate some civic sense and develop socially acceptable behavior patterns. Illiterate people might interact in unlawful acts within the society because of lack of employment or just as a result of being uncultured. In countries where the quantity of those who have not gone to school is high, social crime levels additionally tend to be high.
  1. Underpayment, Underemployment, Unemployment: We tend to sleep in a world wherever the duty market favors those that are properly educated with helpful skills to drive company growth. several illiterate people are therefore underpaid, part-time, or unemployed. They’re unable to earn financial gain and in many cases perform a lot of duties with very little pay.


The worth of education cannot be underestimated. Many of us prefer to think about it simply as a method to achieve the skills and experience necessary for the job market. Even though education provides a person with, competitive advantage within the job market, that’s not all that it does. Attending faculties plays a serious role in the mental similarly to the social development of an individual. One will learn problem-solving skills and develop the social intelligence necessary to meet lifestyle challenges. Illiteracy, therefore, has no area in the fashionable society. The more the number of individuals who have gone to school, the higher the community. Everybody ought to aim to be educated and gain information as a result of the importance of being literate.

  • Darshi Patel
  • SIES Collage

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