Online resources prove to be a boon for students during the quarantine

Online resources, On-going lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic has impacted all forms of life and has put everything on a halt for some time. Students are forced to stay at home. Their studies are hampered. But we must remember that idiom, “when there is a will, there is away.”As for now, every student has ample time in their hands, they can utilise it for self-analysis and self-development. This lockdown has provided students with a great opportunity to bring out their inherent talents and to enhance their skills.

Here are some tips, so that you will be able to recover your syllabus as well as the rest of your skills without getting bored:

Online Courses:


Online resources, Schools across the country are dealing with how best to balance the need to take every threat seriously with the academics and mental health of their students. As schools are shut down, teachers have been advised to stay connected to their students and help them through video conferencing. But if students are not getting adequate support from their teachers, online educational apps like Byjus, Unacademy can help them.

Improve your weak skills:

When there is less time to interact in person, there is more time reserved to finish the important things you have been putting off. While being stuck at home you can master a new skill or you can improve your weak skills. For instance, we can learn a new language. Students who are preparing for competitive exams can pay attention to such subjects which they find weak. You can take help from apps like Udemy.

Initiatives of MHRD:


University Grants Commission, UGC has released ten online courses not only for students but also for teachers to make the best use of their time. These courses are easily accessible through laptops, computers or mobile phones. Online resources These courses are completely online and free. The Information and Library Network(INFLIBNET) and the Consortium for Education Commission (CEC) along with other initiatives of MHRD, and Inter-University Centres (IUC), have released their online courses. These channels include SWAYAM,e -PG Pathshala, National Digital Library.

Study beyond your syllabus:

If there are things you wanted to do but never managed to do before, now is the time. You can go through famous novels, biographies and autobiographies of famous personalities. This will help you not only in Online resources developing a new perspective but will also enhance your vocabulary.
Lastly, I wanna end this article saying that this is the time to tie up all your loose ends. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, create it. Remember, this quarantine is a chance to do what you want.

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