“AGAR HERO BANNA H TO SONU SOOD JAISA BANO” read the caption of a picture shared by Raj Kumar Rao after Sonu Sood arranged the buses for migrant workers helping them going back home. The COVID-19 lockdown which was extended till 31st May 2020 looking upon the

rising cases created a lot of panic amongst the migrant workers who are away from home, hopelessly wandering across the cities to find a way to go back home. Some decided to cover thousands of kilometers on foot whereas some found themselves helpless and got into trouble
with no shelter and no home.

On screen villain, real life hero-Sonu Sood-NewsORB360

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood could not resist and came to aid migrant workers and became a Meisah for them. He arranged buses for the workers who have already been departed to UP and Karnataka carrying the workers. Sonu received special permission from the receiving states and from the sending state (Maharashtra) as well.

Maharashtra Minister and NCP leader Jayant Patil took to twitter to extol the virtues of Sonu Sood.

Patil tweeted:
Sonu Sood is arranging buses for migrants who want to go back to their homes. He is trying to help as many migrants as he can. The on-screen villain is an inspiring hero in reality!
God bless him
❤️@SonuSood #SonuSood pic.twitter.com/cokoowzjhU
— Jayant Patil (@Jayant_R_Patil) May 23, 2020

A month ago Sonu was found to be feeding the poor in the month of Ramadan offering the rozedaars iftaar. He has also donated 1500 PPE kits to doctors across Punjab and has provided accommodations to the health care workers in his Mumbai hotel.

On screen villain, real life hero-Sonu Sood-NewsORB360

The stranded migrant workers in Maharashtra have been facing a tough time for the last two months.

So far Maharashtra has been the state with highest number of active corona patients in India numbering 41,642 cases.

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