Obra is a small town 15 km away from the district headquarters on NH-98 (Garwa-Patna). In the Obra block, there are 20 panchayats each averaging 6 villages. The geographic block is demarcated in the east and south by Daudnagar, Rafiganj, Aurangabad and in the west by Rohtas District.

The most astounding yet unique feature of Obra is that it is surrounded by three rivers, namely Punpun which flows from the western and northern part, the Adri River which crosses the eastern regions close to the town Surkhi, and the Son which flows through the west of this geographic zone, making the surrounding land very fertile for cash crops and other valuable crops. One of its various beneficial geographical features includes its location on the conflux of Punpun and Adri river, the rolling topography of the town is typical, spread on the plain of the Son river bed thereby making Obra known for its a very fertile plain.

Rice Bowl Of Magadh Region

The suitable geographical features and the tremendous track of prolific land in this town underpin the monetary yield of Obra leading to mass production of rice and thereby making Obra widely known as the “RICE BOWL OF MAGADH REGION”. The capital city of Bihar, which is situated 114 km from Obra and other parts of Bihar, as well as Jharkhand, also benefits from its rice production. Therefore it is clear that the populace of 2,22,096 of this town is mainly dependent on Agriculture.

This town was once widely known for its tradition of weaving beautiful and unique KALEEN / carpets and KAMBALS since the 15th century. The government also supported the Kambal industry and even set up a  processing plant for a raw blanket for 50 years, and the trade of Kambals dates back 100 years.  The Kambal Industry undoubtedly was not only an important segment of Obra’s economy but of the whole Indian economy as well, but in recent years, it’s size has been seen declining, and unfortunately more than half of the populace is dependent on these sectors.

To preserve an age-old tradition, to save an industry from going extinct and to increase employment opportunities, MR. RISHI KUMAR, a philanthropist and a social worker has come up with brilliant ideas of renewing these industries and bringing back the tradition of making casa utensil, Carpet/Kaleens and Kambals, all of which is on the verge of extinction.

He is all set to revive the Rice belt in order to bring food processing unit as well as the  MSME-agro cluster which has become even more critical due to the global pandemic. Mr Rishi Kumar, MBA from Amity University, has nearly a decade of experience in the real estate sector and hospitality sector. Mr Rishi has been associated with the Company since its inception as a promoter. He takes a deep interest in the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions. Mr Rishi has the vision to make ubiquitous knowledge base which is accessible to all based on the latest innovations in technology. And last but not the least he is associated with various social organisations engaged in philanthropic work. The state government has been neglecting Obra which has resulted in the plight and suffering of the industries, the town was once famous for, which has also led to mass unemployment. The city has the favourable geographical conditions, potential, capability and human labour that is not being fully put to use and had been neglected for years. The lack of proper planning and implementation will soon lead to the extinction of our traditions and these age-old industries of kambals, carpets etc.

To preserve and restore its previous glory, it is important to make a change, so Mr Rishi Kumar, a social worker has finally taken an initiative towards reinforcing these industries once again.

A man, who has a true sense of his culture, his roots, his motherland, is all set to work for the welfare of Obra and bringing out the best of it.

The MSME division is a significant mainstay of Indian economy as it contributes enormously to the development of Indian economy with an immense system of around 30 million units, creating employment opportunities of around 70 million, manufacturing approx 6000 items, contributing about 45% to manufacturing yield and about 40% of exports, directly and indirectly.

Mr Rishi Kumar plans to bring about changes in the MSME SECTOR of specifically Obra, which will lead to the eradication of unemployment, creating numerous employment opportunities, resulting in the increase of the per capita income of the people of Obra. contributing to the Economy of India as a whole. Moreover,  he also plans to open a  Para-medical college in Obra which in turn would create even more job opportunities because of the improved education system and awareness.

Maybe this kind of change and young enthusiastic energy is what Obra needs right now in order to revive it’s age-old traditions and declining small scale industries.

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