DETECTION OF CORONAVIRUS IN 10 MINUTE, One component that affects the number of COVID-19 patients is the testing procedure and rate. Many countries cannot determine how serious the situation is in their country, owing to the lack of efficient testing system. During this mayhem, an NRI scientist in the United States has successfully discovered a 10-minute procedure to visually detect the virus that is wreaking havoc worldwide.

The esteemed scientists of the University of Maryland School of Medicine have invented a smart way to detect the virus with the help of a test using plasmonic gold nanoparticles which would cause a change in color in presence of Coronavirus.

On getting a sample of nasal swab or saliva of the person under observation, the RNA from the sample is extracted in 10 minutes.

After this, the assay is done where the plasmonic gold nanoparticles react to a particular protein. This protein is unique to the genetic configuration of the Coronavirus and the gold nanoparticles react as expected the presence of Coronavirus is confirmed with this test of 10 minutes.

Study leader Dipanjan Pan, professor of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine and pediatrics, said, “Based on our preliminary results, we believe this promising new test may detect RNA material from the virus as early as the first day of infection. Additional studies
are needed, however, to confirm whether this is indeed the case.”

The procedure for extracting RMA is not at all complex and does not need complicated equipment of laboratory either, unlike, amplifying DNA for analysis which makes the process a lot easier and viable.

The biosensor, as soon as it latches itself to the RNA, the plasmonic gold nanoparticles react with the protein and change the color of the reagent from purple to blue.

“The accuracy of any COVID-19 test is based on being able to reliably detect any virus. This means it does not give a false negative result if the virus actually is present, nor a false-positive result if the virus is not present,” informed Dr. Pan.

Use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration can qualify the test to be used by diagnosticians all around the world for better efficiency and result in clarity of the situation. Doctor Pan’s immediate aim is to discuss the requirements of the US FDA for providing an emergency use authorization for the testing to be introduced to the world formally.

Currently, the world records over 6.21 million cases of COVID-19 with 373K deaths. India presently ranks fifth in the list of Coronavirus inflicted countries of the world with 191K cases.

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