“No more room”: Mumbai Public Hospitals Run out of ICU Beds amidst COVID-19 Epidemic

Public hospitals in Mumbai have already run out of ICU beds. India’s Financial Capital is home to approximately 2.2 crores but only has 200 ICU beds i.e. enough for 0.00091% of its population. This doesn’t bode well for Mumbai, being the capital of the hardest-hit state, Maharashtra. Over 2000 people have tested COVID-19 positive in Mumbai, and the case has almost doubled in the past week.

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ICU wards provide treatment for critically ill patients and contain equipment such as ventilators and life-support machines that could potentially preventable deaths from complications linked to COVID-19. Public Citizens on the lower ends of the socio-economic depend heavily on public hospitals for health support, such as those in Asia’s largest slum, the densely-populated Dharavi, which already has 86 confirmed cases.

The repercussions could be massive, especially for potentially avoidable deaths. Take the case of a 49-year old man from Agripada. His family tried at least 5 hospitals, but none of them had any vacant ICU beds. He finally passed away in Kasturba Hospital on Wednesday, waiting to be transferred to a hospital with a free ICU bed.

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