Ayan Mukherji’s directed “Yeh Jawani Hai Dewaani” starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika
Padukone. This movie very maturely gives us the definition of relationship and love for every individual.
The movie completed 7 years in the box office and still the favourite for many of us. No doubt if
someone is looking for the right meaning of life and love, then he or she will definitely love this

Also if we talk about Mukherji’s other movie like “Wake Up Sid”, it too deals with some very sensible life-related matters and JAWANI topics, and yes, of course, the “YJHD” too. The movie is a romcom and yet touching some very sensitive subjects.

The content is so basic and natural that most of us can relate ourselves to that. This can be a major reason why the movie became a blockbuster. Also, the movies tell us a lot many things related to life which can seriously help anyone who is looking the right meaning and definition. The movie contains how a JAWANI person should handle the love related things maturely and how to handle the essential part of life i.e. friendship.

Here are some solid reasons why the movie was so much connecting for most of us.

1. The movie comes with a reality check of the generation that how most of the youngsters are self-indulged in chasing the lavish lifestyle and other things in life. The movie comes with a dialogue defining this thing that, “Life me jitna bhi try karlo, kuch na kuch to chootega hi. To jahan hai wahin ka maza lete hai na”.

2. It tells how it is very important for every individual to get themselves out from their comfort zone. If you are looking for your dreams to be true then you must have to move from one place to another in order to learn and JAWANIgrow. For this one, the dialogue is, “Kahin pohochne ke liye kahin se nikalna bohot jaroori hota hai. Sahi waqt par kat lena chahiye warna gile-shikve hone lagte hai”.

3. It very maturely tells us that what actually the memories are. Everyone finds themselves so weak when it comes to the memories. It may be a good one or maybe the bad one but it has the power to make us feel reliving those moments if we know how to handle it right.

4. It teaches us how to respect the individual and their opinions. It is very natural and okay if someone has the opposite opinion than you have. So instead of getting an argument over that, it teaches us how we can make ourselves understanding on that.

5. Friendship is the key to happiness and prosperity for life. No matter how much a person will achieve success and name in his or her life, if your friends are with you then no matter how problematic the matter is for you, you can overcome from that.

6. No matter how much we fight with our parents over the debate of understanding and all, in the end, they are the only one who does it perfectly. It is our parents only who knows us in a very right and perfect way.

7. We should know how to handle our time in JAWANI the right way. Every time it seems that we are in a hurry to do most of the things in life. Most of us seem unsatisfied with the things which we get and then we start looking for better than that. Instead of that, we should stop and just look around ourselves. It will not only just make us relax but also to achieve those things which we always miss out in our life.

A very heart touching dialogue comes related to this, “Waqt kisi ke kiye nahin rukta. Beet ta waqt hai lekin kharch hum hote hai”.

8. It teaches us that why there should be that one person in everyone’s life who will understand them without any judgments and all. It can be anyone. Also, it tells us why it is very important to let go in life. There comes a lot of occasions where you can’t hold yourself. It will only hurt your feelings and emotions. So it’s very important to learn the art of letting go.

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