Nationalism V/s Entertainment- Mirzapur and its awaited fan base

Mirzapur Since the time Guddu pandit, Golu, Munna Bhaiya and other goons walked out safely from the wedding in Season 1, people are eagerly waiting for its sequel.

Mirzapur 1 which is available on Amazon Prime (OTT Platform) loved by the audiences. Instagram Memes, The famous Dialogues are very famous among the young generation. The Nine episode series starring Ali Fazal in the lead role with an amazing cast of supporting actors like Pankaj Tripathi and Shweta Tripathi. It is the combination of our very own sacred games and inside edge. Giving a glimpse of the traditional cinema, it is set in North India. The plot traces the story of two brothers Guddu and Bablu and how their life changes when they meet the local don Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi).

The sequel of Mirzapur was the most awaited series. Its trailer launch has created a buzz and enthusiasm among the fans. At the same time, a parallel narrative of boycotting the series has started. The two people involved integrally in creating the series are Ali Fasal (The leading Actor) and Co-producer Farhan Akhtar. The Duo was in the news a few months back. The reason was their vocal aggression against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) passed by the central Government. After the trailer release many tweets were right tweeted for example Dr Vedika Tweeted “Ali Fazal urf guddu bhaiya who instigated people to indulge in violence during CAA and NRC and Farhan Akhtar was the one who actively participated in the protests against CAA and was very vocal about it, so we should #boycottmirzapur2 RT if you agree” Many people right tweeted it and put their opinions in support of it.

But seems like the loyal fan base of the much-awaited series Mirzapur 2 starring Ali Fazal is in no mood to boycott it. Despite the fact that the duo was actively participating in the protests happening in Mumbai and speaking actively upon it people showed their support to its release. To support the release of the series fans shared memes related to it. The Mirzapur memes that are loved and appreciated by the public was shared to support it. The memes evidently confronted that they cannot boycott Mirzapur 2 and are eagerly waiting for its release to watch it.

Meanwhile, with the introduction of some new faces, the trailer has lived up to the expectations of its fans. The trailer was launched at a virtual conference along with its star cast and supporting actors. It will be interesting to know the reaction and feedback of the people after watching the series.

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