Naseeruddin Shah To Resume Filming For A Show By Nikhil Advani

Naseeruddin Shah will be resuming work for the web show of Nikhil Advani. He talks about working with few people on the sets.

Naseeruddin Shah returns back to continue his work in Rajasthan next week. He said that he has always felt about many people who are present on the sets and do “nothing”. The reduced number of people while working on the sets will make it more effective, streamlined and cost-effective.

While talking about getting back to work with less number of people, Naseer has had a conversation with Mid Day. He told Mid Day, “It will be different, but I wonder if it will last. I have always thought there were too many people on sets, doing nothing. Now, shoots will become more streamlined and cost-effective.”

He claimed that he has already missed the stage because of the lockdown period that was put on due to the pandemic. He has also told the tabloid that he will be going to Rajasthan on 25th August. Naseeruddin Shah will be going to Rajasthan to shoot Kaun Banega Shekhawati by Nikhil Advani.

Shah Feels The Pandemic Has Inspired Youngsters

He feels this pandemic situation has inspired many young filmmakers. He said, “This lockdown has inspired so many young filmmakers to attempt interesting, novel subjects without worrying about a producer sitting on their heads asking ‘hero kaun hai’ or ‘gaana daal do’ or do all this crap. I’m optimistic about the future, and really glad that the monstrous Rs 500 crore budget might be a thing of the past.”

His sons, Vivaan and Imaad have snubbed into the nepotism debate. He said for this, “I don’t understand this insider-outsider nonsense that’s going on. I mean, it’s a whole lot of rubbish and we should be put an end to this, it’s bulls***.”

On recent work grounds, Shah appeared in Bandish Bandits, a series on Amazon Prime Video. Also, he was featured in a Zee5 film Mee Raqsam. Naseeruddin Shah is a 3-time National Award winner along with Padma Shri and Padma Bushan in his lot.

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