NASA develops a special high-pressure ventilator

NASA develops a special high-pressure ventilator, Coronavirus which has now infected more than 1,00,000 people worldwide, is still on a rapid rise. While the human health still stands at stake, doctors and scientists are fighting an uphill battle to develop ways to defeat it.

Amidst this, NASA has finally come to the rescue with a good news. They disclosed that they’ve developed a special high-pressure ventilator called VITAL (Ventilator Intervention Technology Accessible Locally) that is designed in just 37 days to help save the lives of the victims who are struggling with this problem.


VITAL to act as a life-saver for COVID-19 patients

This ventilator which passed a critical test at Ichan School of Medicine in New York was designed to treat patients with mild symptoms of Coronavirus so that the usual ventilators in the hospitals don’t fall short for patients with more severe symptoms of the virus. This easy to design ventilator is very convenient for patients and NASA takes utmost pride in building it.

In a recent report Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Director Michael Watkins stated, “We specialize in spacecraft, not medical-device manufacturing. But excellent engineering, rigorous testing and rapid prototyping are some of our specialties. When people at JPL realized they might have what it takes to support the medical community and the broader community, they felt it was their duty to share their ingenuity, expertise and drive”.


The space agency that has created this machine is incredibly joyed about contributing such an important tool to beat the pandemic. This ventilator is designed in such a way that it can be used in hotels, and even in field hospitals.

NASA claims that the purpose of creating such a highly efficient device is to reduce the rate of increasing symptoms in the patients suffering from this virus. Hopefully, the world will soon be free of this virus!

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