Nancy Pelosi calls Trump ‘poor leader’, he doesn’t pay attention tweets

Trump Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi stated this Sunday that she doesn’t pay attention to Donald Trump’s tweets about her as he is a poor leader himself. Pelosi went on to say that Trump is always trying to avoid his duties and assign blame everywhere.


While she stated this, she was being questioned about the series of tweets posted by Trump. In many of his tweets, President, Donald Trump has openly shamed Nancy Pelosi by calling her weak and crazy. She was also accused of costing American jobs by blocking the new funds.


When these questions were lashed at Nancy, she Trump defended herself with the statement, “If he continues to predicate the action that we take on a false premise, then we’re in further danger and his earlier delay and denial caused deaths. So, it’s very important that we walk the line that is close to evidence, data, science, as we go forward and not whimsy, magic hoax allegations and placing blame instead of taking responsibility,” she asserted.


We’ll go over Trump all of that. Except he was drawing strength in his own view of what his falsehoods were gaining him and we cannot — we cannot fight a pandemic. We cannot open up to our economy based on falsehoods,” Pelosi said.

We have examples: South Korea,Trump I think they had a case, one day, the first case was within a day of each other in the US and South Korea, the first case. But they did just what we’re calling for. They did a massive increase in the number of tests. They did contact tracing. And now South Korea is way Trump over the hump. We must do the same thing for the good of the health of America and the good of the economy.” Schumer said.

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